Chalet Rochemaure


Built in 2003, Rochemaure cottage is a relaxing space for a family of 5.  The lake was no longer enough to motivate the teenagers to come to the cottage.  The couple wished to expand and redesign the existing cottage, too small and ill-equipped for the mosquito season, in order to create an inviting environment.

We approached this project by adding a new contrasting volume, integrated in the existing roof utilizing a floating passageway.  On the ground floor, the expansion and redesign of the staircase and the central space allowed to bring forth the common spaces.  Adjoining to the living room, we screened-in the large exterior terrasse.  On the second floor, the new volume allows the creation of another bedroom.

Surface area: 1600pc, 150m2
Collaborateurs: Paréco plus, MPA groupe conseil
Photos: Inform